Account System


CRM offers double entry account system with following features:-

a). Chart of Accounts: The chart of accounts has 4 levels (Header –> Master –> Control –> Detail)

Important Note: In contact section, when you create any type of new contact like customer, employee, service provider, the system will automatically create Account Code and add into Chart of Accounts.

b). Voucher Types: The system include all important voucher types as mentioned below:-

  • Cash Payment
  • Cash Receipt
  • Bank Payment
  • Bank Receipt
  • Journal Voucher

One sample Voucher Screen is given below:-


c). Multi-Currency Support: The system allow to save transaction in both currency (PKR, SAR) by specifying Exchange Rate. This allow you to take account ledger/reports in any currency.


d). Multi Branch Support: The system allows you to post transaction on different branches for same Account Head. This allows you to take ledgers for All Branches or for a specific Branch.

d). Day Book: The system allows to view and print Day Book. Day Book also has feature of Branch filtering.

d). Account Reports: The account system has all necessary reports including:-

  • Account Ledgers multi-currency and Branch wise
  • Bank Book
  • Cash Book
  • Accounts Payable Summary
  • Accounts Receivable Summary (Customer Balance Sheet)
  • Daily Expenses Report
  • Customer Balance Ageing
  • Daily Sales
  • Closing Trial
  • Profit and Loss

Note: See Appendix Reports for all these reports formats