CRM – (Contact Relationship Management)

The system provides a single place to manage all your contacts. It include following contact types:-

  1. Customers: This contact type is to maintain list of your customers/Agents for accounts receivable. You can create their Login IDS and set their privileges in the system. You can create their Umrah and Ticketing accounts. The customer agent can login, view his bookings, issue hotel voucher, and view his account ledgers.
    Sample Screen of Customer/Agent:

    Customer Detail Screen is given below:-


  1. Employees: You will add all your staff in employee section. The KSA staff accounts will also be created in this contact type. Employee Screen is given below: –

On Employee screen, you have Contact Roles area and Security Settings. Here you can assign different Roles to employees according to their department and privileges.  See Contact Roles Screen below:-

Furthermore, you can control the different approval options of voucher and branch level security on security section of the employee screen. See screen capture below:-


  1. Banks: Allow you to create new Bank in system and Chart of Accounts

  1. Visa Companies/Shirka: This option allow you to define Visa Company and Shirka. Here you can also setup Visa Cost Rates, Visa Selling Rates, Logo and the KSA helpline text printed on Hotel Voucher.

    You can specify Visa Cost and Visa Sale Rate on these screens:-

  2. IATA: This is the area where you will define Pakistan IATA Company on which you have Umrah agreement with Saudi Shirka. This also allow you to create its cost/sale/pay accounts. See screen capture below:-

    Important Note: As IATA have account heads, it allow you to generate IATA wise ledgers for Visa Sale/Cost.

  3. Transporters: This section allow you to define multiple transporter. It also allow you to setup private transport rates.
  4. Service Providers / Suppliers: This page will allow you to define your service providers, which could be someone who is providing you hotels, or ticketing, transport services or any other services. You can also give login access to service provider and they can view their Accounts payable ledgers. Service Provider setup screen is given below:-
  5. Airlines: Airlines section is used to define Airlines for Ticketing system