eTravel CRM


eTravel CRM is a well integrated online wed based solution for all travel and tour operators/companies. It offers a dynamic CMS based website which includes useful sub-applications such as Umrah Voucher System, Sub Agent Accounts, Financial Accounting as well as Hotel Room booking with “Kruki” Visual View and Reports.

  • Company Website

    Company Website

    Dynamic CMS based company website with unlimited pages and contents….. more detail

  • Voucher System

    Voucher System

    Automated system from VISA approval, Vouche Creation, Arrival and departure ….. more detail

  • Financial Accounting

    Financial Accounting

    Three level chart of accounts with agent login to view transactions and balance … more detail

  • Hotel Booking

    Hotel Booking

    Hotel Booking with visual view “Kruki”, tentative & forced Booking, checkout Reports….. more detail .

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  • What is eTravel CRM?

    What is eTravel CRM?

    eTravelCRM is an integrated solution for Travel & Tour companies to meet all their major requirements. From Company websites to Voucher, Hotel Booking and Accounts , all are well integrated modules.

  • How does it  work?

    How does it work?

    eTravel CRM is a role based application. Each role performs tasks as per his job responsibility. e.g. Umrah Operator, Content Manager, Sub Agent, Accounts Manager and Hotel Manager, etc.

  • Why do you need it?

    Why do you need it?

    eTravel CRM centerlize all your processes and put them online. No matter where are you, or when you want to work. Just login and start working.