Umrah System


CRM has rich set of features for Umrah Process. The admin first needs to setup few important Before Umrah routine operation, the Administrator has features to setup Umrah.

  • Visa Company Setup
  • Visa Company Sale and Cost Rate Setup
  • Customer Type Setup
    Rates in CRM are based on Customer Type. By Default, we have 3 customer types: Sale Agent, Business Partner and Walking Customer. CRM allow you to define new customer types.
    Hotel Setup
    CRM allow you to setup Hotels and it is well integrated with Account System. The system allows you to generate Hotel Sale/Cost/Pay ledgers.


Important Feature: The Hotel system also allow you to specify its Helpline Contact Person in KSA which will be printed on Hotel Voucher.


Important Feature: The system allow you to specify Effective and Cease Date. This will implement restriction on Hotel selection on Hotel Voucher.

Important Feature: The system also allow you to specify Effective and Cease Date. This will implement restriction on Hotel selection on Hotel Voucher.

  • Hotel Sale and Cost Rate Setup: You can define Hotel Sale and Cost Rate from separately.

Featured: You can either define rates applicable on Customer Type, or you give a special rate to any selected Customer. Both options are available.

  • Package Setup: Package setup screen given below along with its special features:

Featured: You can specify no. of Makkah and Madinah nights for 14, 21 and 28 days package. This will restrict user to enter allowed nights only.

Featured: You can also make a package specific to selected customers only.

  • Discount Setup
    CRM allow to define discounts on Approval, Hotel and Ticketing. Further you can define the discount on Customer Type and also on selected Customers.

Umrah Booking       
CRM allows you to add Pilgrim Details (Umrah Booking) in following four (4) ways:

  1. Passport Scanner/Bar Code Reader: The system supports all OCR (MRZ) Scanners.
  1. Import Shirka / Visa Company Excel (.csv) file. Supported websites are:
    • Bab-ul-Umrah
    • Way to Umrah
    • E-Umrah
    • Tawaf
  1. Import from Standard Excel (.csv) file
  1. Manual Entry

Mutamer Detail Information


Featured: You can upload Mutamer Passport Scan and Mutamer Photo.

Booking Invoice              
CRM has detailed invoice for Booking including Approval, Accommodation, Transport, Other services.
Please see the format below:-


Featured: System allow you to receive and adjust the payment against a single booking Invoice.

Featured: CRM has 3 types of locking at booking level (IATA Lock, Rate Lock and Full Booking Lock)



Quick Booking (For Agent)         
CRM has a short booking page and access is given to Agents to feed their group information. On this short booking page, system does not Agent not related to him like IATA/Visa Company, etc.


IATA /Group Information Update            
CRM has a feature to quickly update IATA and group information of a single booking quickly. This save the time when you have work load and huge data processing. System ask either booking No, or Passport No.


Featured: After you provide IATA and group information, you also have option to IATA Lock so that once IATA and Group information is setup, it never changed until admin unlock it again.


VISA Update (Bulk/Multiple Bookings) 
CRM has a feature to update VISA Status and Visa details of multiple booking at once. This help staff to save their time.


Featured: This search screen allows you to search multiple bookings and specify which Visa Status you want to change. When booking results displayed, the requested status is already ready to be changed. This will reduce the no. of clicks to save the time.


Hotel Voucher Search Options  
CRM allow user to search Hotel Voucher with no. of fields and options. Pease see screen below to list of searchable fields for Vouchers:-


Featured: As CRM is multi branch system, the user can search vouchers Branch wise.
Further if a user is not allowed to view other branch Voucher, this will be restricted.


Auto Booking Split Option          
When you create a Voucher from a Booking, system allow you to select mutamers from Booking. The Mutamers which are unselected, move automatically to new booking. This allow to manage a single family Invoice for easy Accounts management.

Featured: When bookings are split, then system maintain its parent and child relationships. This allow you to display all linked bookings when you search any of them.


Transfer Mutamer          
CRM has flexibility in managing booking mutamers, you can transfer mutamers from one booking to other booking easily.


Transfer Mutamer page provide you 3 options:-

  • Transfer to other booking of same customer
  • Transfer to new booking of same customer
  • Transfer to new booking of other customer


Featured: 3rd Option is useful when you have approval group received which contains mutamers of multiple customers. This will split the bookings to multiple bookings.


NEW Hotel Voucher      
New Hotel Voucher Screen is displayed after selected a booking.

Hotel Voucher Features

  • System allow to record two additional number Manual Number and Service Number
  • You can Specify which PAX require Bed or Not. (This is related to accounts)
  • You can specify additional Accommodation Notes against each hotel. This will be helpful to enter Self Hotel Names.
  • You can also specify BRN of Hotels and Transports.
  • View Type and Meal Plans are also supported.
  • You can also enter a customized name on Hotel Voucher.
  • Hotel Vouchers Status can be Draft and Final. Draft Vouchers are not posted into accounts, and also not displayed in Intimation Reports.


ONLY Accommodation Voucher
If you do not have PAX detail information, or visa is outside, you can still create hotel voucher using the option Accommodation Voucher. You enter only PAX Count, and the system will manage its accounting and intimation reports automatically.

Passport Delivery / Tracking      
CRM Allow you to track and monitor the status of Passports. This can also be used in KSA for passport Tracking.

Intimation Details (On Screen with Export)
The page Intimation Details allow you to quickly view arrival and departure on screen. It has more information about PAX and Vouchers. It has option to include all Hotels and both flights. This page is mostly used by Voucher and Accounts Verification Team to synchronize their data.

KSA Intimation

For KSA Staff, CRM has complete menu ‘KSA’ to generate all type of intimation reports.

  • Arrival Intimation
  • Departure Intimation
  • Makkah Check-in
  • Makkah Checkout
  • Madinah check-in
  • Madinah Checkout


Featured: CRM further has detail Flight, Time, Package and Shirka wise Categorized and formatted Intimation Reports described in Reports section.


Auto JV (Booking Account Posting Review)

System has Auto JV feature for booking. This will help accounts team to quickly verify which account heads are posted against selected booking.  You can also verify the balance of a booking via this feature.
This will display posting in both currencies.


Dashboard Search Option

CRM Dashboard has a quick search option by which you can not only search booking/Mutamer, but also display its tracking information.

On Dashboard right side, you have option for search as shown in the picture below:-


Mutamer Status / Tracking

When a Mutamer is searched from dashboard, the system provide following detail information:-

  • PAX Information
  • Booking Information
  • Documents
  • Hotel Confirmation along with Room No.
  • Hotel Current Status
  • Passport current Status
  • Option to view Hotel Voucher


See screen capture below for Search Results:-

Mutamer Documents

System allow you to add Mutamer important documents like Ticket / Visa / Passports, CNIC… which can be very useful  in KSA when required.


Only Transport Voucher

CRM also has only Transport Voucher.